Interview with Five B Pinups

Jolie Goodnight is a burlesque performer that has recently relocated to Austin from San Diego, CA. She previously performed with the award winning Hell on Hells Burlesque Review whom she misses terribly but don’t take that as her complaining about her new hometown! Jolie’s performances can be described as very classic; she gravitates towards jazz music and the old Hollywood aesthetic. Five B had the opportunity to pick this gal’s head and here is what we came up with to share with YOU!!

So, Jolie, what attracted you to burlesque?

I’ve been dancing since I was 4, beginning with tap, jazz and ballet. I later added modern, hip hop, and lyrical to my repertoire. In high school I was a cheerleader as well as a dancer on the dance team, which I loved for its old Texas showgirl attributes. What attracted me to burlesque was the uncanny ability to be extremely sexual yet have an element of class as well. Burlesque is my way of getting to be a showgirl while avoiding the height requirements of the Radio City Rockettes. For me it’s the costumes, the glamour, the sparkle, the music, and of course the ingenious humor. I love performing because ordinarily I am a rather private person. Sharing feelings and emotions has never been my strong suit, making me somewhat reserved. However on stage as a performer I gain a sort of vulnerability that I don’t have otherwise. On stage I am the most myself I will ever be and it’s refreshing to show that side to an audience.
What are the most memorable shows and routines that you’ve performed?

I think the most memorable routine is my champagne routine. Anytime I pour champagne all over my body and proceed to shake it all off, people go wild, like it’s a football game or something. One time, a man actually removed my tub from stage and proceeded to drink the champagne after I performed. Hopefully he survived. Something that I do that is unusual as well is singing jazz while peeling. People either love it or hate it. I am again, just going for the vulnerability thing. The most memorable shows have been my performance with Mike Ness at the Harley Davidson Anniversary Party as well as the Breastacular Breast Cancer Benefit Show with Fishnet Follies.

What do you credit your performance inspiration to?

My inspiration comes largely from haute couture, epic films, literature, and music. I have quite an obsession with glamorous fashion and often, burlesque costumes are my way of creating haute couture. Additionally as a jazz singer, music really touches me and creates these romantic scenarios in my head for performances. The words, the melodies, the moods….they are all very moving. By and large my music is jazz but I’ve also used country swing and as of late I’ve used Portishead. It’s a really wonderful challenge for me to use something as modern as Portishead.

How would you describe yourself as a “Modern Pinup”?

The modern aspect of my pin up tends to be in my aesthetic. I have to always add something to my costume that is unusual. Anyone who knows me will tell you I hate when things overly coordinated. Matching to me is so forced and cheesy. Another modern aspect about me is that, as much as I love cheesecake and boudoir pin up, there is some really amazing artistic photography out now. Lately I’ve been working with Cameron Russell, a lomographer. He takes photos of textures and then re-exposes the texture films with my pin up. A really stunning and magical thing happens because it is all fortuitous, nothing is planned. Furthermore I’ve grown more in love with glamorous photoshoots, I want my shoots to look like they belong in a Vogue magazine.

What elements do you think are important to include when recreating pinup images?
The most important element is the mood and emotion that one gets immediately from the original image. Of course it’s hard to capture the sparkle that someone like Marilyn Monroe had, but I think it’s the job of the model to try to channel that spirit. You can have all the stunning props, sets, costumes and poses in the world but they are futile without energy and spirit. But maybe that’s just the theatre major in me talking.


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